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The ultimate Christmas gift guide for 3D artists

With Christmas fast approaching it's time to stop putting it off and start buying presents. Thankfully, we've compiled this list of the best gifts for the 3D artist in your life. Whether they're a total beginner, a passionate hobbyist, or hard at work creating CG visuals for paying clients, these gift ideas are guaranteed to make their days easier and more enjoyable. On a budget this festive season? Don't worry, we've got gift ideas for all price ranges.

State of the art headphones and a comfortable chair will make long days in front of the computer screen easier, whilst 3D pens and VR headsets will help 3D artists to find new creative outlets. We've even selected some exciting new software that's sure to level up anyone's 3D visuals. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down to see this year's must-have Christmas gifts for 3D artists.

Best 3D pen - 3Doodler Start

(Image credit: 3Doodler)

01. 3Doodler Start

The best budget 3d printing pen

Reasons to buy
+Great for kids+Ideal for STEM learning and art projects

A wireless 3D printing pen designed specifically for kids aged six and up, the 3Doodler Start is the ideal gift for the 3D artists of yesteryear. Safety is the top priority with this piece of kit and complex controls are kept to a minimum. The manufacturer produces a range of filaments to create with and the basic pack comes with 48 strands in eight different colours to get you started. There are 60 inches' in each strand so the little artists will be able to make plenty of creations and experiments before you need to buy more.

The art of soul

(Image credit: pixar)

02. The Art of Soul

Inspiration for the digital artist

Reasons to buy
+Stunning artwork+Exclusive interviews and behind the scenes insights
Reasons to avoid
-Large and heavy

Soul is quite possibly Pixar's most narratively and visually ambitious film yet. Anyone interested in 3D art or animation simply has to have this book. The Art of Soul is packed with incredible artwork from the film's creation, including character explorations, storyboards, colour scripts, and much more from the creative team. The behind-the-scenes story of Soul is told in exclusive interviews with the team that brought it to life.


(Image credit: AndaSeat)

03. AndaSeat T-Pro 2 Series

A great seat for gamers and creators

Reasons to buy
+Well made, adaptable and comfortable chair+Great neck and lumbar support+Perfect for 3D artists and animators

A comfortable chair is an integral part of any 3D artist's studio and vitally important for your health when spending long hours at the computer. Despite being designed as a gaming chair, we found that the AndaSeat T-Pro 2 Series was among the very best chairs on the market for 3D artists and animators. It's a premium product with a premium feel and will make a stylish addition to any workplace. 

What's more, it's super adjustable, with arm adjustments for height, angle and distance, as well as separate pads. Most importantly, the lumbar and neck supports of this chair are solid, with excellent stability so that you can be sure you won't tip over.


(Image credit: QuadSpinner)

The best software for world building

Reasons to buy
+Incredibly accessible+Extensive and flexible features for CG terrain design
Reasons to avoid
-Empty List

QuadSpinner's Gaea is a fun and efficient terrain design software that helps 3D artists to create realistic terrain. The software is highly accessible to those that have never used it, or anything like it, and offers a blisteringly fast workflow for generating a variety of complex and detailed terrains. This is an essential tool for anyone from 3D hobbyists and newcomers to freelancers and studios.

3D World Black Friday subs offer

(Image credit: Future)

05. 3D World subscription

The world's best magazine for VFX artists and animators

Reasons to buy
+Delivered to your door+Money saving deal+all the best 3D content in one place
Reasons to avoid
-What's not to love?

What could be better than having the latest practical inspiration for 3D artists, animators and visual effects pros and enthusiasts, delivered direct to your door (and/or device)? 3D world is the world's biggest magazine for 3D art and every issue is packed with insights into the latest big movie projects, reviews of the latest gear and training on everything from the core principles to cutting edge techniques.

A subscription is the best way to make sure you are first to get each copy, without even having to leave the house. Better yet, the subscription deal will save you money too! Act fast though, as our Black Friday offer will run for a limited time.

Drawing with the Apple Pencil 2

(Image credit: Future)

A must for most iPad users

Reasons to buy
+Brilliant drawing experience+Convenient charging+Quality design
Reasons to avoid
-Not compatible with every iPad-High price-No replacement tips included

The Apple Pencil 2 is the best stylus available for iPad, and a vast improvement on the original. Magnetic charging, tap controls and a clean design make it a compelling choice for designers, and iOS tweaks mean it's improving all the time. But high price and limited compatibility mean it won't quite be for everyone.

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