The best iPad cases with a pencil holder

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Three iPad cases with pencil holders on a green background

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Best iPad cases with pencil holder
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One of the best iPad cases with a pencil holder or iPad Air cases with a pencil holder are a sensible investment if you have a stylus. They can keep both your iPad and your stylus secure, providing protection and sometimes also improving the viewing angle options for your slate. 

Even the magnetic Apple Pencil 2 is not impervious to being knocked off and getting lost in the bottom of a bag, and the best Apple Pencil alternatives don't offer the same magnetic charging feature, meaning they're even more easily lost or damaged. And if they have round edges like Apple Pencil 1, they can easily roll away on a desk. 

Considering these can be pretty pricey accessories, you really don't want to have to pay for a replacement, so a case that can safely house your pen is a great idea if you're regularly on the move. We've reviewed a wide variety and we've picked out our favourites considering design, features, compatibility and value. 

Not sure which model tablet you have, or want to upgrade? Our guide to the iPad generations can help there. And if you're not worried about your stylus, we've also picked out the best iPad cases overall.

The best iPad cases with a pencil holder


Can I charge my Apple Pencil while it's in the holder?

It depends on the case. Some iPad cases with pencil holders have a built-in slot that allows you to charge your Apple Pencil without removing it from the holder. If that's important to you, our top recommendation is the STM Dux Plus, number 3 on our list above, although check that this feature is compatible with your model of iPad and Apple Pencil before you buy one.

Which Apple pencil should I buy?

In general, we recommend the Apple Pencil 2 as the best model of Apple Pencil available today. However, don't buy one unless you're sure it's compatible with your iPad, because some iPad generations only work with the first-generation Apple Pencil. For more details, see our article Apple Pencil vs Apple Pencil 2, and also consider the best Apple Pencil alternatives.

What's the best iPad case with a pencil holder?

If you're looking for an iPad case with a pencil holder, we recommend you check out the Logitech Combo Touch. It's much more affordable than the Apple equivalent, and comes with a detachable backlit keyboard. However, if you don't want a keyboard and want to save money, we recommend the OtterBox Symmetry 360 Elite Case.

How to choose the best iPad case

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best iPad case with a pencil holder. The most important is to ensure that the case is compatible with your device. In the guide above, we've picked out options for all recent models, but not all of them are available for every iPad, so be sure you check. 

As for the Pencil holder itself, this can take different form. Many hold the pencil flat against the side of the table while some also have a stand that allow the Pencil to stand up straight and others have a loop on the front of the cast that the Pencil fits into. All of these work in our experience, so this is more a matter of personal preference. 

Otherwise, it's a case of choosing what else you want from a case, be it rugged protection that can help keep your tablet safe if you drop it, a stand that allows you to use it at different viewing angles or a keyboard for a better writing experience.

How we test the best iPad cases

We've been reviewing both iPads and their cases for over a decade and many of our contributors use iPad both for writing and for creative work, including illustration and photo editing, so we have a wealth of experience to draw on when it comes to evaluating iPad accessories. We compare put products through thorough real world testing and also consider the specs of each product, the reputations of each brand and customer reviews.

In compiling this list, we considered build quality, design, the level of protection afforded, the versatility of the case in terms of whether it serves as a stand and offers useful viewing angles. Plus of course, we tested how well the pencil holder really works for keeping an Apple Pencil secured to the device, whether it's on a table or in a bag. We also considered value for money, and other features that can improve the user experience, such as the inclusion of a keyboard.

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