The best Nintendo Switch dock in 2023

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With the best Nintendo Switch dock, you can play your games on a larger screen by connecting your console to a TV or monitor through HDMI. Most docks will also charge your console as you play (and your Joy-Cons too if they're connected to the console) and will allow you to use accessories like the Pro controller and Ring Fit. 

All Switch consoles except for the Switch Lite will come with a dock straight out of the box, but owning a spare Nintendo Switch charging dock is still a good idea for when you want to travel or take one to a friend's house or hotel room. Plus a lot of third-party options offer features not found in the original model, such as the ability to display your Switch whilst it's hooked up. 

We've found the best Nintendo Switch docks available today. And you might also be interested in our guide to the best Nintendo Switch deals if you're planning to upgrade, and our rundown of the best Nintendo Switch games to get you started. 

The best Nintendo Switch docks available now

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Why do I need a docking station for my Nintendo Switch?

Your Nintendo Switch console can be played in multiple ways, including handheld, but also by connecting it to the TV or an external monitor the same way that most consoles such as an Xbox or Playstation would be. 

In order to do this, you need a Nintendo Switch docking station or some form of adapter as there's no HDMI port on your Switch console, only a USB Type-C port for charging. What the docking station will do is convert the signals from your console through the USB-C port to an HDMI out port, so that you can enjoy gaming on a bigger screen. 

A docking station is also great for charging your switch console when not in use, and can keep it safe and secure on a shelf or mantlepiece away from pets or young children. It's a good idea to store your Switch in a reliable case or carry bag too when you're not using it to avoid inevitable dust getting in. 

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