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The best cloud storage for business in 2021

best cloud storage for business office
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Cloud computing has never been more prominent in the world of business and technology, and having the best cloud storage should be high on the list of priorities for companies that want to allow their staff to work as efficiently as possible – especially now, as we’re all working from home more than ever.

There are dozens of cloud storage providers to choose from, though, and they’re all competing fiercely for your IT budget. Some offer market-leading security, others integrate smoothly with software that you’re probably already using, and others serve up strong back-up and archival tools.

All of them obviously offer top-notch cloud storage, too, alongside the extensive management interfaces that any good admin will need.

We’ve picked out six of the best cloud storage options for business in 2021 – so you don’t have to. Whether you’re running a small company or if you’re responsible for a global organisation, one of these tools will sate your need for cloud storage and collaboration.

The very best cloud storage for business services today

iDrive – the best overall solution for businesses
iDrive is designed with business needs in mind. It works with mapped network drives and preserves disk images, and you can manage computers with a web-based console. Features also include activity reports, end-to-end encryption, and two-factor authentication.
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pCloud – integrates effortlessly with existing services
pCloud has team and access level organisation options, shared folders, commenting tools, and activity monitoring. It keeps backups of your deleted and altered files for 30 days, and everything that you upload is covered by 256-bit AES encryption and two-factor authorization.
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The best cloud storage solutions for business

best cloud storage for business

(Image credit: iDrive)


Best overall for business use

Storage: 5GB-12.5TB | Free storage: 5GB

Fast and intuitive
Packed with features
Robust security options
More space available on other services
Maximum file upload size of 2GB

The popular iDrive service offers more features than most rivals. Its core functionality is impressive: it has real-time syncing, multiple device backups, support for up to older file versions and it even retains your files for 30 days once you’ve moved them to trash – in case you change your mind.

This app is packed with features that will appeal to business. iDrive works with mapped network drives and can preserve full disk images, and you can manage computers with a web-based console – ideal for navigating a larger network. There are activity reports, end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication alongside apps for iOS and Android. Sub-accounts, server cloud backups and 24/7 support are all available.

The feature set is rounded off with bare-metal disaster recovery and improved data stamp standards for working with sensitive data. You can even send physical drives to iDrive for additional backup security, and iDrive’s facilities are designed with custom-designed protection systems, including complex cooling zones and server racks braced against earthquakes.

The various iDrive pricing tiers are affordable and offer decent capacities, and larger businesses can contact iDrive directly for bespoke deals. It’s an impressive option for any size of business.

best cloud storage for business

(Image credit: pCloud)


Best for integration with existing services

Storage: 10GB-2TB | Free storage: 10GB

Slick sharing options
Social media management tools
Custom branding
No file size limits
Maximum capacity could be bigger

pCloud has great core features, including real-time file syncing, the ability to upload and manage your files across all of your desktop and mobile devices, and support for unlimited file sizes – which adds versatility.

For business, pCloud offers team and access level organisation options, shared folders, commenting tools to ease collaboration and activity monitoring. There are dedicated security modules, enhanced search functions and easily scalable systems for adding users – and you can even customize the service with your own branding.

pCloud keeps backups of your deleted and altered files for thirty days, and everything that you upload is covered by 256-bit AES encryption and two-factor authorization. This app goes beyond that by storing your files in a minimum of three different physical locations, which gives your data even more protection.

Elsewhere, pCloud can automatically backup files from Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive, so it can play ball with your other services and ensure that people don’t have to actively remember to back up their data.

It’s got annual and monthly subscription options, and there are lifetime payment options available on some of its tiers – an ideal option for removing even more hassle out of dealing with your storage.

best cloud storage for business

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best cloud storage for business

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft OneDrive

The best option for Windows-only businesses

Storage: 5GB-1TB | Free storage: 5GB

Great integration with Windows, Outlook and Office
Loads of payment plans available
Solid slate of core features
Doesn’t have many specialist business options
Only ideal if you’re already a Microsoft user

Microsoft OneDrive is one of the easiest cloud storage services to use, and it’s a perfect companion if your business is integrated with Office 365, Outlook and other Microsoft tools – unsurprisingly, OneDrive works seamlessly with those apps, and it’s included right in Windows 10.

OneDrive has good functionality, including automatic uploads, versatile backup options, iOS and Android apps and uncompressed photo and video uploads alongside basic photo-editing options. There’s real-time syncing, thirty days of file restoration, a personal vault for sensitive data and smart ransomware detection.

For business, OneDrive works smoothly with Teams and SharePoint, it’s packed with collaboration options for sharing files and real-time editing. Admins get access to syncing reports, management tools and enhanced security.

There are more features available in some other services, but OneDrive offers unbeatable integration with Microsoft services alongside great functionality. If your business already uses Microsoft software then this could be the best option.

google workspace best cloud storage for business

(Image credit: Google)

Google Workspace

The best choice for Google app integration

Storage: 15GB-5TB | Free storage: 15GB

Loads of tools beyond cloud storage
Superb Google integration
Top-notch search options
Only worthwhile if you’re already a Google user

Google’s Drive cloud storage is built into Google Workspace, which is the search giant’s new name for its G Suite of tools. You don’t only get Google Drive – there’s Gmail, Meet, Keep, Calendar, Chat and the full suite of office software. This makes it a great choice if your business is already heavily reliant on Google’s products – or if you want a suite of tools that can be used without high-end hardware.

Drive – and the rest of Workspace – has a solid selection of business features. There are loads of collaboration and management tools, desktop apps for Windows and macOS, real-time syncing, encryption, file versioning and document scanning. Security is handled by two-factor authentication, group-based policy controls and encryption, with the latter improved in enterprise plans.

Google’s entry-level options only cost a few pounds per user per month while offering up to 30GB of storage per user, and the rest of its plans remain affordable while adding functionality, users and space. Google Workspace and Google Drive are effective tools, and the addition of Google’s other services mean they can provide a well-rounded, fully-featured business environment for your employees – not just cloud storage.

livedrive best cloud storage for business

(Image credit: Livedrive)


Best choice for collaboration

Storage: 2TB-unlimited | Free storage: 2TB-10TB

Great backup options
Market-leading collaboration features
Straightforward software
Features divided between services

Livedrive is ideal if you and your employees need a straightforward option for those who aren’t particularly computer savvy.

The intuitive interface design is paired with great features. There’s the usual support for all your desktop and mobile devices, automatic backup, real-time syncing, two-factor authentication and 256-bit encryption. Livedrive splits its functionality into Briefcase and Backup portions – the former functions as cloud storage, while the latter preserves your files should the worst happen.

You can deploy on-the-go editing, team folders, backups to secure UK-based data centres and bank-level security – so you’re safe if you need to store sensitive information. There’s secure file sharing, apps for iOS, Apple and Windows Mobile devices and free trials available for all of Livedrive’s pricing tiers. On pricier plans you can personalize the app’s online portal with your branding, too.

Livedrive is packed with collaboration and sharing tools, and they’re easy to use and navigate, even for inexperienced computer users.

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