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If you use digital typography you need this advice

Type on Screen

This is the perfect handbook for typographers and developers alike

From movie title sequences to great web typography, there's plenty to learn about type on screen. In an ever-expanding digital world, fonts really need to look their best when it comes to viewing on PCs, Macs, tablets and phones. 'Type on Screen' is long awaited follow-up bestseller 'Thinking with Type' by Ellen Lupton.

The book is a definitive guide to using classic typographic concepts of form and structure to make dynamic compositions for screen-based applications. It's not a software manual or a book packed full of technical tutorials; it's more of a handbook packed full of advice that surverys new design principles created through digital platforms.

Covering a broad range of technologies, from electronic publications and websites to videos and mobile devices, it's the perfect go-to for any typographer or developer. The book isn't available until the beginning of June but we can tell that's it's already going to be a hit.

Find out more over on the Abrams and Chronicle website.

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A founder member of the Creative Bloq team, Sammy Maine is now a freelance journalist. She also thinks that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is probably the best television series ever created.