What's the strangest design-related job title you've come across?

Paula Benson
Partner, Form

"Back in 1997, we employed a young computer student called Matt Sephton. Fast-forward 15 or so years and he has just taken on a new job, and his title is a true reflection of the times: technology evangelist, for none other than Apple. We also work on design projects for Virgin Galactic, and I often experience a 'the future is here' moment when liaising with the cosmic marketing manager, whose job it is to promote the first commercial trips to space."

Matt Booth

"Job titles in recent years have baffled me. One that's been doing the rounds is creative technologist. Seriously, what is this? I know of an agency that has four creative directors, in a creative team of six. I mean, who were they directing? Another one I'm not comfortable with is when a freelancer refers to themselves as a 'studio' and 'we', instead of I. We'd love to hear your thoughts - email us at studio@matthbooth.com."

Luke Lucas
Creative, art director and designer

"I understand that in agency land and in any corporate hierarchical structures, your title corresponds with potential remuneration and responsibility, and it's a little difficult to climb a ladder without rungs, but for me it's never really been something I've subscribed to. It's interesting that LinkedIn won't allow you to have a profile without a title, don't you think? In protest, my title is ->•<-."

Paul Wyatt
Creative director, writer and film maker

"Two of my favourites at Lycos were 'sales, production and marketing (SPAM) co-ordinator' and my own - 'creative director (online, motion, film & video, print, interactive) Global / Pan European / UK' - which looked very silly on a business card. Simpler titles work best, and work across changes in technology. A 'designer' is a much better and future-proofed title than a heap of techno-babble, time-bombed gobbledegook."

Craig Ward
Designer and art director

"In London - in my experience - the creative director was basically the top bod. When I moved to NY, however, almost everyone I met was (or claimed to be) a creative director, to the point where the title became basically arbitrary. Then around that came layers like associate creative director, executive creative director and then finally - king of the castle - the chief creative officer. My personal opinion is that if you feel that a long title somehow validates your work, then you're probably in the game for the wrong reasons. My favourite is when I see a 26-year-old president or ECD - at a company of three people. Ridiculous."

Chief Wonka, ustwo

"A: The concept of having one - pure vanity play. B: My one is utterly moronic but was awesome while I was using it."

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