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Is this the world's geekiest business card?

There's been some incredible examples of business card designs - from the gorgeous, minimal letterpress offerings to cards made out of actual meat - it just goes to show that designers will do just about anything to get a potential client's attention.

Here, we've come across what might be the world's geekiest offering; it's a business card that also doubles up as a computer keyboard. Created by Techkeys they explain, "This PCB with on-board re-programmable ATMEGA16U2 allows for full flexibility for hackers, tinkerers, and makers. Take home one of these as a project, keycap display, switch tester, or a shortcut to yours truly,"

Not only does it impress on an innovative level, the card itself is also aesthetically pleasing, with subtle icon designs and a solid colour scheme. This would certainly work well for you web designers out there!

[via Network World]

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