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Interactive panoramas

So you've fine-tuned your illustration style, you love your characters like siblings and they're happy living in their own imaginary world within your computer. But what if you want more? Aside from spending thousands of pounds on multiple billboard prints and literally surrounding yourself with your own creations, how are you going to delve into their world and be completely at one with them?

The answer may lie in creating an interactive QuickTime VR movie. Using this format you can look up, look down and look all around, see a story unfold before your eyes and view it from a different perspective. You don't need a fancy headset or silly computer gloves to bring a decent level of virtual reality to your illustration work.

Here we'll show you how to create a suitable panorama and add elements to make it dynamic and believable. You'll then ensure that it merges together seamlessly, stitch it together and export a movie that you can control and invite other people to experience too. All you'll need is your favourite method of illustrating, a photo-manipulation package and a copy of Stitcher - a trial of which can be found on the Stitcher website.

Click here to download the support files ( 2MB)

Click here to download the tutorial for free