These amazing selfies are packed with character

For its 10th anniversary, the 2014 Pictoplasma Berlin Festival went back to basics with a thematic focus on portraiture. It saw its chance to mix the current narcissistic trend for 'selfies' with some much more appealing character design.

Rodrigo Aguilar

In an open call for #CharacterSelfies, Pictoplasma invited international designers, illustrators and artists to explore the current status of contemporary character exhibitionism by submitting snapshots that their characters have 'taken' of themselves.

El Grand Chamaco

Over 2,000 selfies were submitted, a selection of which were exhibited from 30 April to 4 May at the Pictoplasma Berlin Conference. We've picked out a few for you; see more over at the #CharacterSelfies Tumblr page.


Anna Hrachovec

Luciana Lopez Diaz

Itchy Soul

Cecy Meade

This article originally appeared in Computer Arts issue 227.