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Colorplay offers new way to make music

There's always new and inventive ways of making music but when it combines graphic and product design, we love it just that little bit more. Colorplay is a brand new project by Louise Foo and Natasha Dzurny from Introduction to Physical Computing at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU.

So how does it work? Well, each colour represents a pitch and the width of the wedge determines rhythm. The goal is to experience a voluntary feeling of synesthesia - hear pitch by seeing colour. So, you pick your colours and wait to see what it sounds like; it's a match-made in experimental music heaven.

The design is based on a record player, and features removable trays, interchangeable colour pieces, and a knob to change the speed of the spin. A light up arrow points to the colour sensor made from an RGB LED and a photocell.

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