5 examples of unusual computer keys design trend

With the rapid progression of techonology in our society, it seems designers have turned their sights onto using tech in their work - namely, computer keys. In a clever twist on pixel art, the humble computer keyboard is donating its parts for the sake of art. Here are five examples of this computer key art trend that we think are particularly inspiring...

01. Sarah Rosado (opens in new tab)

computer keys art

Sarah Rosado started creating computer key art to entertain the viewer

"With all this technology happening now I thought, why not use keyboard keys to create fun and colorful art giving it a 3d pixel like, image," explains Sarah. "The type of objects that I choose to use with the computer keys are created specifically with the intention of bringing a smile to viewers."

02. Leo Burnett (opens in new tab)

computer keys art

Thousands of computer keys were used to create this piece

This is a reimagination of the Leo Burnett pencil, created using 6325 recycled computer keys. Created by Simen Braathen, Kieran Antill and Michael Canning, this nine feet tall and three feet wide piece represents the powerful collaboration between their creativity, and today's modern technology.

03. Marcin Malewski (opens in new tab)

computer keys art

This computer key art is subtle and moody

This computer key art was created by Polish 3D designer Marcin Malewski. The detail achieved using only the keys is absolutely staggering, creating Malewski's preferred 3D effect using an unlikely material and execution.

04. Brent Schneider (opens in new tab)

computer key art

Remixing designer Brent Schneider's childhood experiences from the '80s with some of it's physical counterparts, the 8-bit Art Series mixes skateboards, interpretations iconic video game characters. To represent the physical form of digital pixel based designs, computer keys were used to unleash a wide variety of shapes and patterns.

05. Works by Knight (opens in new tab)

computer key art

Computer keys are used to create famous faces

When Melbourne-based artist Works by Knight developed this brilliant 'Analog to Digital' series of portraits, he had technology on his mind. And how it's rapidly progressing in almost all aspects of human life. In order to express this, the talented designer decided to illustrate some of the world's most famous athletes, visionaries and celebrities, using computer keys and digital components.

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What do you make of the computer key trend? Let us know in the comments box below!

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