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Build a geometric typeface

Designing a typeface can certainly be tricky, but it doesn't have to be a totally mind-numbing experience. If you can think geometric, work with a grid and develop some simple rules, you might just have some fun. The experience is always insightful, and offers many opportunities to grow as a designer.

At cypher13 we set out to design type in two distinctly different manners. The first is intentional, meaning we have a concept for a typeface in mind. The second - the manner in which C13 HEX was designed - was unintentional, and arose accidentally while exploring a design approach for an entirely different project.

Designing type intentionally is definitely the best way to start: so make a plan for your typeface, get some graph paper, design a grid and get to work. If you're not comfortable designing a grid, there are some wonderful resources out there - online, try The Grid System by Antonio Carusone, or in print, Grid Index by Carsten Nicolai. However, we're going to skip the grid creation stage here and jump right into designing and producing an extra-geometric typeface. So let's get started.

Click here to download the support files (2.95MB)

Click here to download the tutorial for free