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A clock that aims to make you more ambitious

ambition clock

It's only a few weeks since the New Year rolled around, and many of us will have resolved to focus on improving our design career in 2014. But now February is nearing, how many will have found their resolution tailing off into nothing as the reality of tight deadlines and work pressure build up again.

Well, the team at Russian digital creative agency MOST Creative Club have created a clock they claim will actually make you more ambitious.

Rather than just tracing a measly 24 hours, the clock’s face is divided into 12 months and 365 days, and its hour hand makes a full circle in a year. Presumably the idea is to press home the idea that 'time's running out' to achieve your ambitions as the months roll by, and focus you better on working towards your goals. The clock comes in a gift bag with the agency’s logo and the tagline 'For those who think ambitiously.'

Do you think this design would help you achieve your goals? As ever, let us know your views in the comments below...

[via Design Taxi]

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