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Create a black and white logo

When it comes to brand identity, Thinkdust has always stepped away from the corporate style. Creating brands can be rewarding work, and an open brief gives you the opportunity to experiment and get fully creative. The most important aspect of brand identity is how it speaks to its target market, so you should always be asking yourself, does the identity reflect the company's output, attitude and message?

The following tutorial will help you understand the process of designing a brand identity, working with shapes and using your head to see what is effective and what isn't. When creating a new identity, you should bear in mind that attention to detail is everything, and you need to focus on letter spacing, overall balance, and form.

We recommend using a grid for your identity design work, even if this is just a set of rough guides. A grid keeps everything tidy and tight, and also helps you add the final polish to your identity. Practise with techniques such as using the Pen tool, creating curves, and taking existing typefaces and recreating them in unique ways.

This kind of design work can sometimes be frustrating - if you're struggling to get results, take a break for ten minutes, refresh your mind and then re-focus on the job in hand.

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