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Create striking portraits

Basic composition is very important. Many artists put too much distracting detail in their painting, so in this project we'll focus on how to direct viewers into the image and simplify the background, so it doesn't overwhelm the main theme. Then we'll explore how to create an interesting background to complement the subject. Lastly, we'll define where the light source is coming from, to tie all the elements together.

Whether your subject is a landscape, portrait or still life, it needs a central focal point. What is it you want to convey and what is it that you want to get across? You need to be able to capture a viewer's attention and keep them interested. In order to do that you must produce what appeals to you the most; what moves you, how do you feel about the subject matter? Don't produce art just for the sake of art.

For this project, I'm using Photoshop to create an image that appeals to me - an image that incorporates something old and something modern; a sort of take on East meets West.

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