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Designing food packaging

Food packaging may seem simple at first: show what's inside the packet, add a bit of marketing speak, job done. But aside from the usual design considerations of target audiences and the like, there are many more things to consider. For starters, the retail environment is one of the most densely populated for any product to stand out in. Products will sit side by side on cramped shelves with competing products, all essentially designed to go down the same way. And there are the lists of legal requirements that need to be followed.

This tutorial explains how to design a simple label for a tin of coconut milk, but it could just as easily be a drinks bottle or a packet of crisps. The process is the same for any product, and the legalities of the design requirements are consistent throughout all food packaging. So pick up a can of soup, a bottle of fizzy pop or some mushy peas and join in!

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