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'Fond' of editorial design

What started as a professional practice project for university - a research project about editorial design - grew to be a full colour zine. The content came from interviews three students at University of the West of England held with designers in the editorial industry. Receiving great responses, it provided more than enough content for their required ten minute presentation, so the girls took all that extra content and packed it into Fond.

They had the chance to sell it at the Handmade & Bound fair in London in November, which was a great success. With lots of artists, designers and students selling their work with a focus on zines and books Fond sold out fast!

Fond of Editorial Design is hopefully the first of many issues, with a second planned in a few months time, focusing on typography, hopefully with a focus on Dutch design as two of the girls are doing an exchange in Rotterdam this semester.

You can check out the digital version here