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Great Britain needs you!

After flip-flopping on video games tax relief, an about-face on plans to cut funding to a charity which gives children free books and a U-turn on pasty tax, the Guardian reports government minsters have a new crackpot scheme in mind: a negative ad campaign persuading people to not visit the UK.

The ads are set to focus on the drawbacks of life in Britain, to discourage potential Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants from moving here. Whether it ever sees the light of day, of course, is another matter, but we thought we thought we'd hijack the campaign, anyway, by getting Computer Arts readers to come up with their very own design highlighting the UK's downsides.

Your finest hour?

Your ad could be a sketch or an illustration, a poster or a short video; it could spotlight bad weather, rubbish public transport, dodgy food or Top Gear; however you present it, and whatever it includes, send your entries to with the heading "Great Britain Needs You!" and we'll feature the best ones right here on our blog.

Main image courtesy of Shutterstock