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Image of the day: Instant Crush by Elias Klingén

Computer Arts: Tell us about the project ...
Elias Klingn:
This was a personal project. All I had in my mind was, 'Create something different. Think outside the box. Go crazy.' I was tired of my old work, so this was really refreshing.

CA: How did you put the piece together?
I use Photoshop, Illustrator and Cinema 4d. I always try to make a rough sketch before I move to the computer. The first step is to get the composition balanced, so my images always look like crap for the first couple of hours. In this case, it took me about six hours. When I'm done witht the composition, I'll start to get the right colors, add light sources and try to make the image as interesting as possible. The coloring took me about two hours. My last step is all about the details: I'll add particles and textures. Some people will never notice them, but I think it's really important. This step is all about patience. It took me about four hours to get the right amount of details. You don't want to overdo it.

CA:How did you get into illustration?
I started with illustration when I was a kid. my mother taught me some different techniques and I was hooked. The real passion started when I found photoshop, in 2007. The possibilities are endless. I think my style is very mixed. If you look at my portfolio, you'll understand what I mean. I do both handmade stuff and computer-made. But I would describe it as detailed, eye-catching and weird. I try to not have a style. I always want to create new stuff that I haven't seen before. My inspiration and ideas comes from music, no doubt. I always have music in my ears while working. Daft Punk helped me finish Instant Crush. Also, the internet, of course. Just looking around at awesome portfolios provides me with alot of new ideas.

Check out more Elias Klingn on Behance.

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