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Image of the day: Shaman by Simone Ludeman

Computer Arts: Tell us about the piece ...
Simone Ludeman
: I’ve always been interested in different cultures, so I set myself a brief inspired by indigenous tribes. All the images represent health issues: for example, fertility, insomnia, death and the image of the day is the shaman. I was interested in shamanism because of how different the processes of healing is to our own.

CA: How did you put the illustrations together?
: To create the images, I first drew them using fine liner. Then I scanned them into my computer and did all the colouring in Photoshop. I tend to work spontaneously and let ideas flow as I draw the image, but I will have a rough idea of relevant imagery to include.

CA: How did you get into illustration?
I’m currently about to graduate with a degree in illustration from the University of Westminster. I’ve always been creatively driven and feel it's naturally progressed in my life. I’m generally drawn to subjects of a spiritual or surreal nature. My inspiration comes from experience. I feel it’s something you subconsciously absorb. I tend to include a lot of pattern and embellishment within my illustrations.

Check out more from Simone Ludeman on her website, Tumblr and Twitter.

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