Inspiration Gallery - 16 February

Exciting behind-the-scenes things continue apace. I've lots to do before we unveil the results, so I'd better get on. Enjoy today's excellent selection; if you have something for tomorrow then let me know about it via Twitter, or just click and paste.

Sam Falconer One With Nature

Sam Falconer - One With Nature - via Definitely Baggy

Adam Rowe - Reel 2012

Ruben Ireland A Circle

Ruben Ireland - A Circle - via Lee Rosney

JeanYves Lemoigne Perrier Ad

JeanYves Lemoigne - Perrier Ad - via Matthew Houghton

Michelle Kondrich - Whiteboard Video for inContact - via Ben O'Brien

Ery Burns Musical Dogs

Ery Burns - Musical Dogs

Adopted Design Untitled

Adopted Design - Untitled

Denis Borisovich - Stereo Skifcha - via Alex Reekie

Brandon Minga Let There Be Light

Brandon Minga - Let There Be Light

Katie Mazikins Untitled

Katie Mazikins - Untitled