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Interactive web-controlled installation hidden in Manchester

New Work All Play is an innovative, light-projected installation, hidden somwhere in the heart of Manchester, which users can interact with live and in real-time online.

The project is a collaboration between Bruntwood and the Neighbourhood, in support of Manchester International Festival 2013, and was created to 'capture the pulse' of the city.

Once live, visitors to the project's website we be able manipulate the installation and see their activity projected back at them.

“The experience combines the digital and physical," the Neighbourhood's creative technologist Alex Hillel says, "giving users on the web a unique opportunity to interact with a live light projected installation, and see the results of their actions through an online video stream, in real-time."

Bruntwood's head of brand Sally Hill adds: “Bruntwood has sponsored Manchester International Festival since it started in 2007 and we wanted to develop an innovative campaign that celebrates the role it has played in making Manchester an interesting and culturally rich place to live, work and play.”

The 18-day Manchester International Festival 2013 begins Thursday 4 July across locations all over the city, taking special events in performing arts, popular culture and more.

The teaser of the top-secret project is currently available at Follow @NewWorkAllPlay for more information.