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Laboratory of Darkness

Illustrator Luke Tomski has a mystical imagination and enjoys looking into the dark side of human thought. His latest piece of work is inspired by his exploratory sketches around this subject: "One day I just decided to make one piece from all my material," he explains. We decided to ask Luke some questions about his work process and where his inspiration comes from...

Computer Arts: What inspired your designs?

Luke Tomski: I‘m always inspired by my mind flow. I Just think about the world and try to catch the atmosphere! My patterns are based on soviet architecture – I have always been influenced by neighbourly relations and considerations about life behind the wall and inside the apartment block.

CA: Briefly talk us through your creative process – how did you create your poster project? Did you start with sketches or digitally, and then what did you do?

LT: My creative process is very simple. I worked completely digitally, using a tablet and standard software. The print phase was smooth and everything was done in couple of weeks. The posters are printed on paper but the goal is to screen print them.

Laboratory of Darkness

CA: What was the most challenging part of your design?

LT: Connecting the basic pattern and working out how to make it functional. I am really happy with how they turned out, it's encouraged me to do more pattern-based illustrations.

CA: How long did the posters take from start to finish?

LT: Each poster took about one week. It was a self initiated project so I enjoyed the freedom of illustrating what came to mind.

Laboratory of Darkness

Luke has a great selection of illustrations that can be viewed on his website: