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My design space: The best of both worlds

If Hennie Haworth isn’t working in a bustling studio in Hackney, a space shared with other freelancers, she’s at home in north-east London. Her desk overlooks Lloyd Park, once home to artist and designer William Morris’ family garden.

“It really is a great place to work,” Haworth says. “I get so much light and a lovely view of the trees. There’s no particular style – mainly bits and pieces from time spent abroad, scribbles from my little boy and my pens. I like to have drawings pinned up to remind me of past and current projects.”

Travel influences Haworth’s work, and six months in Japan provided more than just inspiration for the designer. “I got these little animals (1) from there, after a long, long walk up a big, big hill,” she says.

A flair for art runs in the family, with paintings from Haworth’s son, Theo (2), in pride of place next to her desk: “He did these on his first day of nursery,” she explains. “I I think he chose his colours very well!” Alongside Theo’s creations hang Haworth's own drawings (3), which she refers to: “I like having them around, as a reminder of what to draw and how.”

Theo was also partly responsible for another of Haworth’s desktop mainstays: “I was given these owl mugs (4) by a friend in Japan when she visited London, soon after Theo was born – she called it a ‘happy new baby gift’. I love them.”

Haworth recently illustrated a book for Molly Oldfield, The Secret Museum (5), which sits proudly next to her mugs. “I have so many happy memories from illustrating it that I like to have it out,” she says.

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