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November 2011 (#194)

Last month we launched our brand new Computer Arts website, and the response has been great – thank you. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out for your daily dose of design inspiration, plus a plethora of creative skills, interviews and features – all for free.

Without turning this page into a plug for all the various things we’re doing here at Computer Arts, I also want to tell you about one more thing: in December, we launch Computer Arts Collection – a new bimonthly title that, well, see the box next to my picture. It also means that Computer Arts Projects will cease to be published. I’ve seen the development of CA Collection and it looks fantastic – and proves that print is far from dead. I’ll be telling you more about it next month.

So, back to the latest issue. Getting a promotion is never an easy subject to approach. Sure, sometimes it just ‘happens’ but, mostly, if you want to climb the career ladder you need to do something about it. Throughout the issue we’ve addressed this subject in a number of ways – the most obvious being our 10 tips to getting a promotion, as part of our design manual. The design manual also reveals what you should wear for different interview situations, and we also look into how personal work can bring you unfounded commercial success.

Studio Life this month – on the DVD – visits the ever progressive magneticNorth and Beep Industries in Manchester. Please let me know what you think of these documentaries, the website, the new CA Collection, this magazine and anything else (it doesn’t even have to be design-related, but I’d prefer if it was).

Rob Carney Editor