OFFF 2013: Cocolab

Computer Arts: How would you describe Cocolab to anyone who might not be familiar with your work?
Alejandro Machorro Fernandez: Cocolab is a multidisciplinary group of companies that converge on artistic, cultural and entertainment-based technology projects - we're a diverse team of specialists in various fields of media arts and performing arts. This collaborative network is formed by 'Poink', 'Hotpixel', 'Nerd Light', 'Poppler', 'MAPA', 'El Taller' and 'May'. We're dreamers and storytellers. We develop, design and create. Collaboration is our pioneering tool. We're fuelled by a sum of intentions that multiply as we conspire and introduce creation, without ego and without limitation.

CA: What kind of disciplines do you work across?
AMF: We present our work in four main types of projects: shows, installations, multimedia spaces and digital culture. We do itinerant, permanent and temporary projects - and we do them for us. Cocolab helps us to understand the world we live in, and lets us have a different approach to it, in order to do something about the things we like and the ones we don't.

CA: How would you describe Cocolab's style or aesthetic?
AMF: Every project we do is different, probably because we collaborate with different artists and delve into different topics. So it's difficult to describe our style - but if we must say something, we would be more comfortable saying that we mix the aesthetics of our project collaborators and the technology of our project.

CA: What cool projects are you working on at the moment - can you give us any sneak-preview info?
From 15th to 17th August we will be hosting Offf Mexico 2013. After the complete success from last year, we hope this edition will rock Mexico City. We're also developing a permanent installation on the state of Puebla in Mexico called 'Concord Lake that will tell stories about the myths and legends of this great state. Lights, water and projections will be the medium for telling this stories. And 'Circular Blindness', which is an artistic installation that talks about the power of traditional media and its ability to skew the information to where payers want.

CA: What motivates you as a studio? How do you stay fresh?
AMF: Our motivation comes from inspiration. We're in constant contact with amazing stories and innovative developments. Our country has a lot to solve, but in its shortcomings we see opportunities. We believe in the 'circle of creation - if something can inspire you, that will give you the power to create something more, and this, at the same time, will inspire someone else, and so on.

CA: Who are you most looking forward to seeing here at OFFF, and why?
AMF: Brosmind. Last year they were the highlight in OFFF Mexico because of their conference. We are really intrigued by how they're going to be this year. We're also looking forward to Santiago Ortz to learn more about data visualization.

CA: Tell us something we don't know…
AMF: We build on aesthetic and innovation by focusing our communication on the transfer of positive messaging.

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