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From spray paint to pixel

Rough is a professional graffiti artist: "I'm that guy who creative agencies call up to produce that 'ever so cool' urban chic that a lot of clients seem to be after nowadays," he explains. "Well€¦ that was until Computer Arts Projects contacted me asking me to give away all my secrets. I thought about it and, as any good Jedi master knows, you can teach the apprentice all your knowledge but you remain the master. So I thought, 'Ah, what the heck'.

"I'm going to take you through the five simple(ish) ways to incorporate a graffiti/street art style into your digital artwork. Mastering the art of using a spray can is no easy task and has so far taken me 23 years to get my head around. So don't think you're going to be the next Futura or Banksy once you've read the following guide. You will, on the other hand, be on the right track!

"The main thing you'll need is spray paint. Alien and Belton are my favourite brands, but have a go with Monster and Montana too. You'll also need a selection of different caps for your cans. Available in fat, skinny or super skinny, they help achieve the different thicknesses you see on most graffiti art.

"You'll also need some nice chisel-tip markers that use either ink or paint, and some good thick card, a sheet of acetate, a cutting mat and a scalpel."

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