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Overcome creative block with flash cards

Creative block is a designer's worst nightmare. It undermines your creative confidence and stop you from earning money. To combat this, Tim Porter created Stormdeck to spark your imagination.

Stormdeck is a set of cards divided into 5 suits, namely: style, message, colour, texture and font. Each suit has a series of creative prompts which aim to help designers and clients arrive on a decision and move a project forward.

"I wanted to create a product in which the client could be more involved in the early stages of the design process," explains Tim.

"Stormdeck was created to be a tool for effectively communicating design ideas, but to also spark ideas for designers stuck or unsure what styles might work for their project," he adds.

How Stormdeck works

Stormdeck is a more interactive, tactile way of arriving at ideas compared to researching online.

There is no set way to enjoy Stormdeck. Cards can be sorted into suits, or the whole deck can be displayed and evaluated by the client and the designer. As long as you spark ideas and start a conversation, you're using Stormdeck right.

Tim sums it up best, "your selection of cards will be your first stepping stone before you begin designing, giving you a clearer more rounded idea of what you are aiming to achieve visually."

Stormdeck Kickstarter

Stormdeck needs your help just as much as you need Stormdeck. To help launch the project, head over to the Stormdeck kickstarter page and help it reach its £5,000 goal. You'll not only help these amazing cards take off, but you'll be one of the first people to get your hands on them.





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