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Sweary book explores the relationship between copywriter and designer

If you like swearing and hate apostrophes and/or grammar in general, then this beautiful little pocket-sized book will be right up your street. Fucking Apostrophes is the brain child of copywriter Simon Griffin and was designed by creative agency Music.

The book exposes the many grey areas that cause such frustration for grammar sticklers and is particularly relevant to the design industry where many businesses decide to drop apostrophes based on typographical aesthetics or simply to avoid confusion. Waterstones, Morrisons and Lloyds are among many who found them surplus to requirements.

That said, the book balances serious messages with playful examples of usage. For example, "Kim's backside may have been photoshopped = The backside of Kim may have been photoshopped." The creators also felt it equally important that the visual side of the book balanced with the somewhat shocking title.

Music senior creative Olly Wigglesworth comment: "We loved the idea of creating an elegant, Victorian style book for 'Fucking Apostrophes' so the name has an even harsher impact. We wanted it to really feel like it had been lost in someone's desk for hundreds of years. Simon's warm and witty style runs throughout this book, making it both educational and enjoyable to read. In fact it might be the only book on grammar I've read from cover to cover."

Get more information on Fucking Apostrophes and where to buy it on the website.

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