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AROUND THE BLOQ: A Disney logo, how to protect your designs and much more!

Behind the scenes: how a Disney logo is created

Graphic Designer Michael Doret allows an insight into his working method for his Wreck-it Ralph logo design.

Add depth to mixed-media collages

Ciara Phelan shows you how to mix vector imagery with papercraft photography to create a textured collage with real depth.

Five killer ways to tell a story

Letting users know who you are and what your site is for is important – and is often overlooked, reckons Gene Crawford.

Award-winning animation tips: A la Française

Take a look at this award-winning student animation from 2012 – A la Francaise. It is witty and clever with amazingly high production standards.

25 stunning examples of calendar design for 2013

Looking for some calendar design inspiration? Take a look at these awesome examples that offer unique and innovative calendar design approaches to one of the most traditional of products.

Protect your designs

How would you respond if your work was ripped off? Leading designers who’ve gone from visionary to victim reveal how creative copyright really works.

.net Awards 2013: best online portfolio

Delve into the minds of the 10 talented individuals who've made it onto the shortlist for the best online portfolio category in this year's .net Awards.