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AROUND THE BLOQ: Free iPhone wallpapers, Kinect hacking and more!

15 stunning HD iPhone 4 wallpapers by top designers

Pimp your iPhone to the max with these 15 HD iPhone 4 wallpapers, brought to you by a host of top designers.

The 15 best visualisation tools

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to data and statistics. But creating cool infographics can be time-consuming, so we've found 15 amazing tools to make your life easier.

Chain CSS animations together with JavaScript

CSS animation is set for widespread adoption. Peter Gasston shows how we can extend its capabilities by mixing and chaining with JavaScript events

Top tips for organic 3D modelling

Improve your creatures and characters with expert advice on creating organic models from Glen Southern.

Freelancing: how to avoid burnout

How do you balance paying the bills with avoiding running yourself into the ground? Tad Carpenter shares his experience.

How to buy a 3D card!

A great 3D graphics card is essential for showing your work at its best before rendering. James Morris explains how to choose the model that suits your distinct needs.

The top 7 alternatives to the Google Maps API

Even free alternatives to Google's mapping API provide significant advantages. Wm Leler expands your mapping horizons by helping you pick the APIs that are right for your application.

Creative Kinect hacking

Ever since its release, the Kinect’s motion-capture capabilities have tapped into the imaginations of creative hackers. So what’s involved with this innovative tech?