The design of the new Bristol Pound

After three years of planning and collaboration with the local community and government, today the people of Bristol will be able to spend the city's very own currency.

When the scheme began, organisers invited the people of Bristol to help create paper notes for the four new £B1, £B5, £B10 and £B20 Bristol Pound notes. Earlier this year, school children, students, professional designers, and amateurs alike submitted their designs, and a panel of judges selected the frontrunners. The eight winning designs now feature on each denomination.

Bristol-based designer at Aardman animations Gavin Strange told us: "I love the design of the Bristol notes! I'm so proud that the city I call home has its own currency and that the individuality of the city is reflected in the design of the notes too.

I love that the individuality of the city is reflected in the design of the notes

"I've always loved the icon for the Bristol Pound too, with the pound being made into B, that's what first made me notice it last year, clever little touches like that! I hope the Pound thrives and over the years we have changes to the art featured on notes by all sorts of Bristolian creatives!"

Winning designs


The £1B features the winning designs of Bristol-based artists Phil West and Jethro Brice

Freelance graphic designer Phil West designed a winning illustration for the front of the £1B notes, featuring a mixture of urban wildlife, architecture and recycling to reflect the city.

The back of the note features a beautiful drawing titled 'Bicycle' by Bristol illustrator Jethro Brice.


The £5B features the winning designs from photographer Mark Simmons and artist Alex Lucas

There was always going to be a street art design-inspired note given the city's close association with the discipline. The culture is reflected on the back of the £B5 note with the design, Graffiti Tiger, by artist Alex Lucas.

Annual Caribbean street-party in the St Paul's district of Bristol is depicted in this gorgeous image by photographer Mark Simmons on the front of the £B5.


The £10B note features winning designs from Anthea Page, Juraj Prodaj and Matt Price

The design for the front of the £10B note 'Hannah Moore & Bristol Old Vic' was conceived by Anthea Page and designed by Juraj Prodaj.

The reverse features a colourful illustration title 'Houses’ by Bristol artist Matt Price.


The £20B note features winning designs from schoolgirl Jemima Blench and local artist Kim Short

Local artist Kim Short was the brains behind the bright and bold illustration titled 'Concorde' on the front of the £20B note.

10-year-old schoolgirl Jemima Blench created the colourful creation that features on the reverse.

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