On-demand service lets you customise clothing

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Democratised fashion is the next frontier in custom clothing, as new technologies and the internet transform the industrial process, enabling consumers to put their unique stamp on branded products.

Encouraging customers to make their wardrobe their own, knit design studio Knyttan offers fully customised knitted wool garments on demand.

Knyttan lets you pick the pattern you want knitted

The service has three basic models, for a jumper and two sizes of scarf. Users choose the item they want to customise, then pick the pattern they want knitted.

You could have a simple repeated pattern, such as a grid or a herring-bone, or one of several special editions by designers including London artist Kate Moross and Amsterdam studio Moniker.

You could customise a special edition by a designer like Kate Moross or Amsterdam studio Moniker

Using the intuitive editing software on Knyttan's website, customers select from predetermined colour palettes and otherwise manipulate the pattern before sending their item to the knitting machines.

Each piece of clothing comes with a label bearing both the designer's and the customer's names, and is knitted, hand finished and delivered within four days.

Is this the future for custom clothing? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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