A new and somewhat eerie approach to sculpture

Jonty Hurwitz is a sculptor with a difference. His anamorphic sculptures don't make sense on their own - only when they're viewed in a cylindrical mirror.

The London-based artist first scans the 3D object then uses software to create unique physical forms that become recognisable when seen in reflection.

When placed in front of a cylindrical mirror the reflection reveals the original object

Decribing himself as an "artist scientist archetype who loves projects and people", Jonty uses steel, resin, copper, and perspex for his creations.

Many of his sculptures are inspired by social and environmental themes; for example, the pieces based around the form of the hand focus on today's obsession with youth.

Scroll down to the video to see how this piece was crafted

"Without fail science, magic and religion have pandered to the cult of youthfulness," Hurwitz explains. "More than merely camouflaging a pandemic fear of death, the desire for rejuvenation is a rejection of the infirmities and diseases of old age. It is a desire to regain the beauty and vitality of youth."

Watch this! The making of The Hurwitz Singularity:

These images are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Jonty's work. If you'd like to see more, you can head to his website and see a wide range of his impressive creations.

You can also check out his YouTube channel to see the making behind the magic.

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