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Where to find free background textures: 15 great resources

08. Digital Camera World

free background textures

A beautiful and creative range of 100 free Photoshop friendly textures that are available for direct download.

09. Texture Gen

free background textures

Texture Gen is possible the ultimate texture hub, with a vast range of categories of free background textures organised in a way that's easy to use and browse through.

10. FBrushes

free background textures

FBrushes offers a great selection of seasonal-inspired images. Its free background textures are made easily accessible for Photoshop, Illustrator and most creative software.

11. Graphicmania

free background textures

Another great resource providing a selection of original and useful free background textures to add to your collection.

12. Shizoo

free background textures

Shizoo is a great resource for graphic-related downloads, and has a beautiful and vibrant library of free background textures made available for download.

13. Texture Palace

free background textures

Texture Palace is an interactive website and resource platform that allows you to share your background textures as well as download the selection available for free – and discover other designers across the globe through their texture-based designs.

14. Mayang

free background textures

Mayang has over 4,350 free to download, high-resolution background textures, including images of fabric, metal, wood, stone and more.

15. Creative Bloq

Yes, right here on Creative Bloq we have a superb collection of 40 free textures for you to download right now!