Geometric food art

Who needs Photoshop when you're this handy with a knife? Turkish artist Sakir Gökçebag has breathed new life into every day produce such as apples and watermelons and turned them into something quite beautiful.

The geometric shapes created have not been digitally remastered or altered. Sakir combines meticulous orchestration of the organic forms with photography to create the straight lines and perfect circles.

Sakir's meticulous orchestration of the fruit does all the hard work

Innovative approach to art

This fruit series is just one example of Sakir's precise attention to detail within his creations. He's become known around the world for his innovative exhibitions including pieces made from toilet paper, prayer beads and umbrellas.

He also has a large photography portfolio as well as turning his hand to some particularly great creative writing.

Sakir shows off his skill of creating a perfect circle without the use of Photoshop

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