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CHECK THIS OUT! ASCII art Google Street View

Every wondered what the world looks like in ASCII? Want to live out your Matrix fantasies from the comfort of your workstation? Or do you like testing the extremes of your eyes? Then you need to spend some time playing around with this ASCII art remix of Google Maps' Street View.

Self-confessed "retro textmode geek" Peter Nitsch, a programmer at Teehan+Lax, coded the eye-bendingly cool conversion in WebGL, which slowly (and slightly eerily) rotates so you can concentrate on the shifting scene on your screen.

It also provides a green colour mode so you can pretend you’re in the Matrix, and when you refresh it places you in a different location - or you can find your own.

We've spent loads of time on this - here are some of the cool places we visited in ASCIIspace...

ASCII Google Street View: Eiffel

If you squint, you can see an ASCII Grace Jones parachuting from it

ASCII Google Street View: Parliament

Did you ASCII for directions to Big Ben? Bong!

ASCII Google Street View: White House

Imagine Neo and Smith bullet-timing it up in the White House...

Why not try it out and show us the best places you visit in ASCII Street View! Add your locations to our comments section below...