The best graphics cards in July 2024

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best graphics cards; three black graphics cards

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The list in brief ↴
1. Best overall: Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti
2. Best premium: Nvidia RTX 4090
3. Best value: Radeon RX 7600
4. Best AMD: RX 7900 XTX
5. Creatives: Nvidia RTX A5000
6. Mid-range: Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti
7. Value pro: Nvidia RTX A4000
8. Best 4K: Nvidia RTX 4080
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The best graphics cards can help you to achieve what you want with your computer, from creative work to gaming. While they may seem geared mainly towards gaming, good graphics cards can also improve a machine's performance for visual work, boosting its ability to juggle more tasks at once and power through the more graphically demanding jobs.

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