How to create a realistic oil painting of nature

While I’m an illustrator and fine artist by trade, based outside of Seattle, I’ve been working primarily as a concept artist. I own and help run Massive Black, a studio specialising in concept art and illustration primarily for games and film. We’ve worked on all kinds of stuff that you might have heard of, and some that you probably haven’t, too.

I paint digitally for most my commercial endeavours. However, I fell in love with how to paint with oils back when I was a student in art school, and I’ve since continued to pursue it between jobs. I dig the tactile nature and versatility of oils – I don’t think there’s a medium that I enjoy working in more.

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Justin 'Coro' Kaufman is a US West Coast-based illustrator and concept artist. He’s one of the founders and owner of Massive Black, an artists’ collective serving the entertainment industry since 2004.
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