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The best Christmas gifts for illustrators

The best Christmas gifts for illustrators

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Stuck for what to get the illustrator in your life this Christmas? We've rounded up some of the best arty gifts around. There are super-cool gifts at under £20/$25, presents over £100/£125 for if you really want to splash out, and everything in-between. Use the jump links opposite to find the section you want.

We picked out some great books – including no-nonsense self-help for people who hate self-help, a guide to all the newest and weirdest art terms, and an art history book by one of the greatest artists in history. We've got pencils, pencil wraps, and personalised sketchbooks. And we take a look at an advent calendar that replaces chocolate with naked people, for a different kind of treat. Let's get started!

Gifts for illustrators under £20/$25

The Tate Guide to Modern Art Terms

01. The Tate Guide to Modern Art Terms

An updated guide to the latest lingo

Reasons to buy
+New and expanded+Clear definitions +Illustrated

People are always making up new names for old stuff – especially in art. From Abject Art and Black Mountain College to the Worpswede Group and Zero, this is the first ever single book devoted to "the key terms involved in the appreciation of modern art". Made by Tate, every term, theme, medium, and movement is defined using simple language, with over a hundred illustrations to go with them, in this new and expanded edition. A good reference book for any modern artist. 

New York in Art 2019 wall calendar

02. New York in Art 2019 wall calendar

Arty inspiration all year round

Reasons to buy
+16-month calendar+Celebrate artists+Famous landmarks

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has produced a range of calendars featuring art from various cities around the world. This 16-month New York calendar shows Central Park, skyscrapers, and other New York City landmarks, with paintings created by artists Georgia O’Keeffe, Florine Stettheimer, Childe Hassam, John Marin and others. 

The Artist's Journey

03. The Artist's Journey

Practical advice for making the stuff you've already wanted to make

Reasons to buy
+No-nonsense approach+Practical advice+Trusted author

The novelist Steven Pressfield writes self-help books for people who absolutely hate self-help books. He's no-nonsense. His whole philosophy comes down to this: you need to work really, really hard, harder than you've ever worked before, then good stuff will happen. The War of Art is a must-read. This, his newest book, gives straightforward, practical advice on how to make the stuff you've always wanted to make. Great for artists and writers, but a good, firm kick up the backside whatever line of work you're in.  

Personalised colour block cosy and mug

04. Personalised colour block cosy and mug

Keeps your caffeine kick hot for longer

Reasons to buy
+Personalised+No one will steal it+Keeps coffee warmer for longer

Many illustrators rely on a coffee or tea to kick-start their morning – but as soon as their creative juices start flowing, it can be easy to forget all about it. This mug cosy will their caffeine hit hotter for longer. Choose from six different colours (to match the recipient's studio aesthetic) and add a personalised tag to keep it safe from mug thieves.

A History of Pictures

05. A History of Pictures

A trip through history with a great artist

Reasons to buy
+Looks good+Illustrated+Not overly academic

This book's been done a hundred times, but never by David Hockney. The British artist says a picture is the only way we can really communicate what we see. In a A History of Pictures: From the Cave to the Computer Screen, he works with critic Martin Gayford to show how artists have drawn, coded, carved, painted, and scratched representations of the world around them. It includes hundreds of images, from 40,000-year-old cave paintings to recent movie stills. 

Gifts for illustrators under £50/$75

Chocolate paintbrushes

06. Chocolate paintbrushes

Artistic treats

Reasons to buy
+Proper chocolate+Natural ingredients+Handmade

Choc On Choc makes all different kinds of novelty chocolates, like this set of paintbrushes. The difference between the British brand's chocolate and your average novelty confectionary is that this stuff actually tastes good. It's handmade using white and dark Belgian chocolate. This box contains three chocolate paintbrushes decorated with edible dyes and silver dusting. "Our chocolate paintbrushes are true works of art," says Choc On Choc.

Buffalo leather pencil roll

07. Buffalo leather pencil roll

A handy and stylish way to carry kit

Reasons to buy

These leather pencil cases are handmade using buffalo leather – a tough, good-looking leather that gets better with age. Unroll it and there's space for 18 pencils or pens. Roll it back up and tie it with a leather strap. The personalised bit is available in gold, silver, or blind debossed (no colour). These are made by Paper High, a company that sources Fair Trade products from India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Personalised sketchbook

08. Personalised sketchbook

Awesome sketches deserve a quality sketchbook

Reasons to buy
+Recycled leather+Different colours+Personalised

Not On The High Street can be a bit of black hole when it comes to ethical, handmade, personalised, leather-bound stuff. Trust us. We spent hours lost in it ourselves. This, we reckon, is the best all-round sketchbook for the artists in your life: decent price, nicely designed, recycled leather, comes in different colours. You can choose a couple of lines of personalised text and the colour of the foil used for the embossing. 

Palomino Blackwing pencils

09. Palomino Blackwing pencils

The best pencils around

Reasons to buy
+Iconic make+Long-lasting+Great quality

Blackwing makes some of the very best pencils around. The Blackwing range is what Moleskine is to notebooks: it's a bit of a cult thing. People who use them tend to really love them. Famous fans include writer John Steinbeck, composer Leonard Bernstein, and Looney Tunes animator Chuck Jones. These are the classics, but if you want to try something different, the Blackwing Pearl pencil is the most recent edition to the range. Both are great for sketching and laying down lines. Plus, they look dead cool. 

Naked advent calendar

10. Naked advent calendar

An advent calendar with a nudist twist from Mr Bingo

Reasons to buy
+A christmas tradition+Beautifully made+Naked people

Mr Bingo's advent calendar is a Christmas tradition in the same way excessive drinking, family arguments, and abysmal hangovers are Christmas traditions. Bingo writes: 'Where's the fucking chocolate? Chocolate is for idiots.' This calendar, set in pub, is illustrated with naked people, their nudity covered with removable opaque gold ink ('in layman's terms – that stuff you get on scratch cards'). Scratch and reveal a new nude every day in the run up to Christmas. You can watch a video about the making of the calendar here.

Cuttlelola Dotspen

11. Cuttlelola Dotspen

An electric pen to speed up stippling

Reasons to buy
+Use with a variety of papers+Rechargable

For illustrators looking for a way to increase their drawing and stippling speed, the Cuttlelola electric pen is ideal. This pen can be used on a variety of different papers and comes with a rechargeable lithium battery. You can plug the pen into a laptop or work with it on battery power, which usually lasts about an hour.

Pentel Arts GraphGear set

12. Pentel Arts GraphGear set

A premium gift set for mechanical pencil fans

Reasons to buy
+Coloured pads for easy identification+Refillable

Some artists don't like to draw with mechanical pencils, but the ones that do will love this set. These pencils are comfortable to hold, durable, and come with coloured pads, making it easy to distinguish the different lead sizes. Both the lead and the erasers are refillable, but each one comes pre-loaded with super Hi-Polymer HB lead.

Gifts for illustrators under £100/$125

ImagineFX magazine subscription

13. ImagineFX magazine subscription

The gift that keeps on delivering

Reasons to buy
+Industry-leading title+Special Xmas offers+All-year inspiration

ImagineFX is the world's best-selling magazine for digital artists. Each issue is packed with an eclectic mixture of in-depth workshops from the world's best fantasy and sci-fi artists, plus galleries and interviews, community news and product reviews. If you're after a gift for a professional artist, art student or hobbyist, a subscription is a great option.

Apple Pencil

14. Apple Pencil

Ideal for creating masterpieces on the iPad

Reasons to buy
+Highly responsive+Works with most art apps+Ideal for precise work+Intuitive to use

This one's ideal for friends that have the latest iPad 9.7 or an iPad Pro for drawing, but haven't got round to picking up an Apple Pencil to go with it (and it's a little cheaper than just gifting the whole iPad Pro). While you can certainly get some cool things done with just your finger, the Apple Pencil takes your work to the next level. It is highly responsive, and it works well with almost all of the art programs on the App Store – although ideally you want to check out these apps that come alive with the Apple Pencil.

Gifts for illustrators over £100/$125

XP-Pen Artist 15.6 pen display

15. XP-Pen Artist 15.6 pen display

Great quality for a (relatively) low price

Active drawing area: 13.54 x 7.62in
Resolution: 1,920 x 1,080
Pen pressure sensitivity: 8,192 levels
Connections: USB-C
OS: Windows or macOS
Reasons to buy
+Good pen and drawing surface+Sound build quality+Cheaper than competitors
Reasons to avoid
-Stand not included

Wacom is the go-to tablet for most digital artists, but the XP-Pen Artist 15.6 is also one of the best drawing tablets around (for our money) is the XP-Pen Artist 15.6. It has a good screen, a decent-sized drawing area, and comes with a comfortable pen with plenty of sensitivity. For an artist looking for their first tablet, or an upgrade that doesn't break the bank, this XP-Pen is the one to go for. 

iPad Pro 12.9

16. iPad Pro 12.9

For on-the-go creativity

Reasons to buy
+Wonderful creative tool+Great screen quality+Improved performance

Paired with the Apple Pencil, the iPad Pro is great for drawing, painting, and sketching on-the-go – or better yet, in the living room. We liked it so much we gave it five stars in our review. We like the 12.9-inch, but it's also worth checking out the 10.5-inch model, if the recipient would prefer something more compact. And of course, there are also the 2018 models if you're feeling especially generous.

Smart Keyboard iPad Pro

17. Smart Keyboard iPad Pro

The perfect companion to the iPad Pro

Reasons to buy
+Doubles as a lightweight case+Full-sized keyboard+QuickType features

While you're filling your Apple stocking, why not grab the Smart Keyboard too. The full-size keyboard makes the perfect companion hardware to the iPad Pro. Users can just hook it to the Smart Connector and get to work! Then when they're all done, they can fold it up and take it with them, because it also doubles as a lightweight case. Useful.

Wacom Intuos Pro Paper

18. Wacom Intuos Pro Paper

The tablet that lets you work on paper

Reasons to buy
+Import paper sketches with ease+Combines digital and analogue+Great pen performance

The Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition combines a digital workflow with paper. Users can clip their favourite drawing paper onto this device and sketch right on top using the Finetip Pen (or optional Ballpoint Pen). They don't need to even be connected to a computer at the time. When they're ready, they can import the sketch into their chosen drawing app, and continue to work on it there with the Wacom Pro Pen 2. It's really the best of both worlds.

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