Your favourite video game characters reimagined

Video game characters
(Image credit: Aneesh Chandra)

Video game characters offer a wealth of creative potential for 3D artists. Whether reimagining a classic design or fleshing out a lesser-known character, video game characters can reach new levels in fan art. Artists can also use these projects to practice techniques or learn new approaches to 3D art, all while putting their own spin on existing video game characters. Why not try adding realistic fur to Pikachu? Rendering Mario with realistic skin texture? Or putting a stylised twist on your favourite Final Fantasy hero?

We've spoken to artists that have done just that and rounded up our favourite fan art of video game characters in this article. For even more incredible examples of 3D art you can check out these inspiring examples. But for now, read on to find out how these artists breathed new life into iconic video game characters and levelled up their 3D skill sets in the process. 

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Brad Thorne

Brad Thorne was Creative Bloq's Ecommerce Writer, and now works for a PR company specialising in 3D and VFX, Liaison. He previously worked as Features Writer for 3D World and 3D Artist magazines, and has written about everything from 3D modelling to concept art, archviz to engineering, and VR to VFX. For Creative Bloq, his role involved being responsible for creating content around the most cutting-edge technology (think the metaverse and the world of VR) and keeping a keen eye on prices and stock of all the best creative kit.