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50 top typography tutorials

33. How to create your own font

type on an ipad

In this tutorial, Yulia Sokolova explains how she created her first font, from drawing the initial design to digitising it and then turning it into a useable font.

34. How to create your own font: 18 top tips

drawing on a lightbox

After many years as a graphic designer and type enthusiast, Jamie Clarke decided to try his hand at designing a typeface. In our tutorial on font design he shares some of the insights and practical methods he learned to help you to make your own font. 

35. Create your own 3D typeface

making the typeface rig shaded

In another of our tutorials, Jamie Clarke talks through how he created 3D type family Rig Shaded; a layered or ‘chromatic’ typeface that allows you to choose your own style and colour combinations. He explains how he went about it, and shares a number of insights to help get you started making your own 3D type.

36. The rather difficult font game

This game takes you through a series of various fonts that you have to name from a choice of four. It may sound easy but it's not. Play it on the desktop or on your iPhone.

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