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The 20 biggest logo redesigns of 2013

On the day a new logo design is launched for a familiar brand, the first reactions are usually overwhelmingly negative. Once some time has passed and the new design has entered daily use, though, it can be a different story.

So here we take a look back at the 20 biggest brands to release a new logo in 2013. Make sure you also see our guide to the biggest logo design trends of the year.

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01. American Airlines

Logo designs of 2013: American Airlines

NEW LOGO: simpler and more streamlined

Created by Futurebrand (opens in new tab), a brand new American Airlines logo was launched at the beginning of 2013. The new design meant a sad goodbye to the classic Helvetica logo designed by Vignelli Associates (opens in new tab) which had been in service since 1967 (shown below).

Logo designs of 2013: American Airlines old

OLD LOGO: will be much missed

02. ITV

Logo designs of 2013: itv new

NEW LOGO: colours vary according to background

Also in January, the UK's second biggest broadcaster launched its rebrand. While many logos became more stripped back and minimalist this year, the new ITV logo, which was created by Rudd Studio (opens in new tab) with the assistance of Fontsmith (opens in new tab), went in the opposite direction, with the addition of curves and colour.

Logo designs of 2013: itv old

OLD LOGO: far more corporate

03. VH1

Logo designs of 2013: vh1 new

NEW LOGO: incorporates a plus sign

Another TV channel to rebrand in January, VH1's new logo was its first in years and now incorporated a '+1'. The music and reality TV channel, which worked with Gretel (opens in new tab) on its new identity, said the name change signified how VH1 had become "the ultimate mash up of music + pop culture + nostalgia".

Logo designs of 2013: vh1 old

OLD LOGO: dated and overfussy

04. Brooklyn Library

Logo designs of 2013: brooklyn library new

NEW LOGO: makes playful use of text-speak

Why would a library misspell its own name? The new branding for the public library in Brooklyn, New York (opens in new tab) included a new logo which reinvented its name as 'Bklyn' - a subtle pun on the text speak-age abbreviation for book ('bk'). The new design, created by Eight and a Half (opens in new tab), also reduces down better on mobile devices than its predecessor.

Logo designs of 2013: brooklyn library old

OLD LOGO: didn't reduce down well on mobile devices

05. South Australia

Logo designs of 2013: south australia new

NEW LOGO: promoting Australia's fourth largest state

This new logo, released in February to promote South Australia, depicts a stylised map of the whole country in red, with the state depicted in ochre as a door. The new design, created by Ken Cato of Cato Partners (opens in new tab), replaces the old star-based logo (below). South Australia premier Jay Weatherill said he wanted a new brand campaign because he was tired of people overseas confusing South Australia with South Africa.

Logo designs of 2013: south australia old

OLD LOGO: this design was created by Parallax and KWP

06. Spotify

Logo designs of 2013: spotify new

NEW LOGO: leaner and more professional-looking

Above is the new logo music streaming giant Spotify (opens in new tab) slapped across its website in March. The globe emblem lost much of its styling, most noticeably the shadow effect, to give it a more two-dimensional look. Overall, the look was of a company that wanted to look more grown-up and professional, and in that sense it was reminiscent of the previous year's eBay logo update (opens in new tab).

Logo designs of 2013: spotify old

OLD LOGO: More fun but now looking dated

07. Doritos

Logo designs of 2013: doritos new

Doritos now has a unified global identity

Tortilla chip brand Doritos released this new logo and packaging in March, giving itself a unified global identity for the first time ever. The new look was designed by PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division in partnership with Hornall Anderson (opens in new tab), whose UK team visited cities across the world to find out how to best achieve an emotional connection with its core demographic of teens and young adults.

08. Facebook

Logo designs of 2013: New Facebook logo

NEW LOGO: Facebook made a small but important change to its logo

The biggest logo redesign of the year in terms of brand reach was in other ways the most minor. In fact, most Facebook users probably didn't notice any difference when it introduced this new logo (above) in April earlier this month. The two changes were the lack of shading and the way the bottom of the 'f' now disappears into negative space.

Logo designs of 2013: Facebook old

OLD LOGO: now looks a bit fussy by comparison

09. GitHub

Logo designs of 2013: github new

NEW LOGO: streamlined and more formal

GitHub (opens in new tab), the popular social network for web developers and programmers, also updated its visual identity in April, with a new logo (above) that was much more formal looking than its predecessor (below), changing the title from all-lowercase to camel case (opens in new tab) and removing the 'social coding' tag of the old logo design (below).

Logo designs of 2013: github old

OLD LOGO: the 'social coding' tag is no more

10. Commonwealth Games 2016

Logo designs of 2013: Commonwealth Games new

The next-but-one Commonwealth Games revealed its logo this April

Okay, not exactly a redesign but as there is a new interpretation of what is meant by the Olympic brand identity every four years it's included. The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games revealed its logo in a ceremony in Queensland, Australia this April. The colours symbolise the Gold Coast's beaches, water and hinterland. Whatever you think of it, it's certainly less controversial than the London 2012 logo (opens in new tab).

11. 2018 Winter Olympics

Logo designs of 2013: Winter Games new

The design incorporates the five traditional Korean colours

2013 also saw the launch of the official logo for the Winter Olympics in Korea in 2018 (see above for the explanation behind the broadening of the 'redesign' remit...). Created by HA Jong-Joo, the design incorporates the five traditional Korean colours. The main symbol is a combination of the Korean characters which spell the 'P' sound (for Pyeong) and the 'ch' sound (of Chang).

12. Instagram

Logo designs of 2013: Instagram new

NEW LOGO: more fluid and instantly familiar

The clear 2013 trend for logo designs was to design a simpler, flatter and more professional piece of branding. Case in point is the new Instagram (opens in new tab)logo. It was an evolutionary update, retaining the instantly-recognizable Instagram script's look. Designer Mackey Saturday (opens in new tab) said. "It was always essential that the design maintained everything that we've all grown to know and love about Instagram while creating a logotype that was more refined, durable, and that positioned the brand for expansion."

Logo designs of 2013: Instagram old

OLD LOGO: based on the Billabong typeface

13. Mall of America

Logo designs of 2013: Mall America new

NEW LOGO: Bright interchangeable colours

The world's largest retail complex, Mall of America (opens in new tab) celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2013, and to mark the occasion it released a new logo design. Created by local agency Duffy & Partners (opens in new tab), it was a big departure from the previous logo (below), based on dynamic-looking star design with bright colours designed to be interchangeable.

Logo designs of 2013: Mall America old

OLD LOGO: patriotic red, white and blue

14. MailChimp

Logo designs of 2013: MailChimp new

A refreshed look for the email newsletter brand

Jessica Hische (opens in new tab) has many fans amongst lovers of typography (opens in new tab) and in July she was asked to tackle a logo redesign for newsletter platform MailChimp (opens in new tab). "They didn’t want to do a massive overhaul," Hische explained, "they just wanted to give their current mark a facelift." Hische lightened the weight overall and improved the vector drawing, with the letterforms revised for legibility, especially at small sizes.

15. Hooters

Logo designs of 2013: Hooters new

NEW LOGO: The revamped design was based on consumer research

Breast-obsessed restaurant chain Hooters is one of the US's top brands and a uniquely American institution. Much like the concept itself, the company's logo (below) served for 30 years as an example of a design that shouldn't work, but does. In July, though, Atlanta design firm Sky Design (opens in new tab) gave it a more modern streamlined look (above), although the essential details remained, including the cartoon typography, the owl and the double-entendre use of the bird's eyes.

Logo designs of 2013: Hooters old

OLD LOGO: less cartoony and more illustrative

16. TGI Fridays

Logo designs of 2013: TGI new

NEW LOGO: Simplified shape, no apostrophe

TGI Fridays released this new, cleaner and more contemporary-looking logo design this summer. Created by Edinburgh-based agency Teviot (opens in new tab) the new logo retained the trademark colour scheme and stripes of the old (below), but the new design was now far more streamlined inside a simple rectangle. The letters are now all in capitals, rather than the mixture of sentence case and title case of the previous design, and the punctuation has all gone - even the apostrophe in "Friday's".

Logo designs of 2013: TGI old

OLD LOGO: This more ornate design was in place from 2004-13

17. Yahoo

Logo designs of 2013: Yahoo new

NEW LOGO: Cleaned up while retaining many familiar elements

Marissa Mayer, one of 20 original employees in the early days of Google, was appointed president and CEO of Yahoo in July 2012 and wasted no time in stamping her authority on the company. Her latest scheme, dubbed '30 days of Yahoo logos', involved releasing 30 new logos (opens in new tab) over August and September - one per day.

The final, permanent logo (above) was released on the final day. Using the font Optima and the colour Pantone Violet C, it was a much cleaner design compared to the original (below), while retaining elements such as the exclamation mark, the slightly enlarged second 'O' and the purple colour that had been in place since 2009.

Logo designs of 2013: Yahoo old

OLD LOGO: The dancing letters of old are gone

But that wasn't all. Mayer wrote a controversial blog post (opens in new tab) in which she described how she and a team created the new logo over the course of a weekend. But this incensed some (opens in new tab) professional designers and typographers with what they perceived as a glib and overly mathematical attitude to the design process. Such was the uproar that one interviewer (opens in new tab) can be seen on video asking her, to her face: "What the **** happened here?".

18. Google

Logo designs of 2013: Google new

NEW LOGO: Hello flatness my old friend

After a few weeks of confusion, with Google's new logo (above) accidentally being released into the wild (opens in new tab), the search giant finally rolled it out on its homepage in September. In tandem with the trend for flat design (opens in new tab), the shadows of the old logo (below) were flattened.

Logo designs of 2013: Google old

OLD LOGO: Was phased out over the course of 2013

However, don't accuse Google of making a knee-jerk reaction to the flat design trend - this 'new' logo had actually been in use on internal company documents for years.

19. Bing

Logo designs of 2013: Bing new

NEW LOGO: The future's bright, the future's orange

We waited years for a new search engine logo, then three turned up in the same month. Along with Yahoo and Google, Microsoft threw its hat into the redesign ring with this striking new logo design for Bing (above). Cast in a customised version of Microsoft's Segoe font, the identity ditched the trademark blue of the old design (below) for golden orange - the exact hue that Microsoft uses in one quarter of its own flag-like logo.

Logo designs of 2013: Bing old

OLD LOGO: The blue's now been banished from Bing

20. Philips

Logo designs of 2013: philips new

NEW LOGO: Harks back to the company's earlier shield design

Leading Dutch technology company Philips (opens in new tab) unveiled this new logo and identity across the entire brand in November. Based on the strapline 'innovation and people', the new shield logo harked back to the company's original logo design back in 1934. But this new look shield had curvier aspects to it, with thicker and softer lines throughout.

Logo designs of 2013: philips old

OLD LOGO: The blue wordmark will continue to be used in tandem with the new logo

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