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Animated GIFs created in Mathematica code

Animated GIF in Mathematica

Tumblr GIF artist Archery uses scientific program Mathematica to create hypnotic animations

Mathematica is a computational software program used in scientific, engineering and mathematical fields, as well as other areas of technical computing. And it turns out it can be used for art too!

Tumblr GIF artist Archery has used the software to generate hundreds of stunning animated GIFs, which mesmerise the viewer with their looping choreography. He also provides the source code for each of his creations.


Archery says on his Tumblr: "I am particularly interested in GIFs that loop seamlessly where there is no obvious beginning or end to the GIF. GIFs that have this property exemplify another essential feature of the loop which is its ability to make some event seem timeless or eternal.

"Exploiting this feature of GIFs offers interesting and creative directions for art itself, but honestly I just like to stare at them and sometimes find myself staring at a GIF for long enough that I won’t admit how long really." Here are some more examples of Archery's hypnotic work - try not to get into too much of a trance...

GIF animation iusing Mathematica 1

GIF animation iusing Mathematica 2

GIF animation iusing Mathematica 3

Check out more of Archery's GIF work on his Tumblr: click here.

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