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Pictograms visualise pop's most iconic songs

pop music pictograms

Can you figure out the depicted song lyrics?

Bands such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Iggy Pop have written some of the most iconic pop songs to date but more often than not, their lyrics don’t always make sense on paper. Graphic designer Viktor Hertz decided to depict some of his favourite songs and translate them in graphic form.

Using the art of pictograms, Hertz has tackled the words of Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and more with a series of delightfully simple graphics. Bold, bright and playful, it's interesting to see what Hertz has picked out as the main aspects of each song.

Hertz enjoyed the project so much that he created a total of 234 pictograms featuring all kinds of rock stars. He's also created a series of portraits and posters inspired by his favourite songs.

pop star pictograms

pop star pictograms

pop star pictograms

See more pictograms over on Viktor's website.

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