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The stylish guide to urban cycling

If these gorgeous new city guides don't inspire you to explore them by bike, we don't know what will. A collaborative effort between Rapha, publisher Thames & Hudson and design-writing duo Andrew Edwards and Max Leonard, the pocket-sized books feature maps, guides and other useful information to help explore each metropolis by bicycle.

The guides cover European cycling hotspots Amsterdam, Antwerp/Ghent, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Milan and Paris and feature the work of Joost Stokhof, Sebastiaan Van Doninck, Judy Kaufmann, Mikkel Sommer, Simon Væth, Henry Mccausland, Riccardo Guasco and Louis Thomas respectively.

Designed to be 'stylish, covetable, locally informed and fun', every guide was illustrated by a different artist to give each book and city a unique aesthetic.

The complete set is available (in a specially designed slipcase) to purchase from Rapha, and will set you back £25.

If you are interested in urban cycling, why not try Urban Cyclist magazine? Find out more here.

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