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Download this free book on digital design today!

The guys at London design studio ustwo love pixels. So much so that they induct all new designers into the school of pixels with their very own Pixel Perfect Precision™ (PPP™) handbook. The aim? To give pixels the care and attention they deserve, to make sure they get the simple things right before moving onto the detail.

Wanting to give something back to the design community, the ustwo team made their PPP guide available as a free download 18 months ago. And now, still in love with pixels and after working hard to make their guide bigger, better, and more useful, ustwo have announced the availability of PPP version 2.

It's available in iBook format for both desktop and iPad, and also a straightforward PDF. And best of all it's still free!

Naughty and nice

The helpful guide comes in at whopping 165 pages. But forget text heavy pages: instead, ustwo's PPP 2 uses a cool naughty or nice theme, with simple graphics and minimal text to get the point across quickly and simply.

"For this latest release, we wanted to place additional focus on the core principles of digital design, making the PPP handbook a better resource for people wanting to learn more about this exciting field, not just somewhere for Photoshop pros looking to find new tips and techniques (although there's plenty more of those in there too!)," explains ustwo’s chief pixel-perfectionist Gyppsy, aka Tony Dones.

"We've also completely revised and expanded the Accessibility chapter to try and get the message out there about how important it is to consider this in your products, and also highlight the fact that accessible design = good design!"

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