5 hot new CSS features and how to use them

In this article we'll explore five new properties coming to CSS, take a look at what they do and how to put them to practical use in your projects. We're going to be creating a website layout for a page that includes a newsfeed and a little chat box in the corner. For more CSS tricks, take a look at our article exploring different CSS animation examples. If you're creating a whole new site, try a website builder and be sure to browse your web hosting options here.

For this tutorial you'll need Chrome 65+ or Firefox 59+. Take a look at the accompanying GitHub repo for the the step-by-step code. We'll leverage the following features to create a better experience and work around some issues. And if you're designing alongside a team, utilise the best cloud storage to keep things cohesive.

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Daniel Crisp is a contract/freelance senior frontend developer. Daniel's areas of expertise lie in JavaScript (Angular), HTML and CSS.