A guide to Google's Cloud Vision

A guide to Google's Cloud Vision

Machine learning. Deep learning. Natural language processing. Computer vision. Automation. Voice recognition. You've probably heard all these and many other terms recently, all under the umbrella of artificial intelligence. In fact, the field is growing so rapidly, it's becoming increasingly difficult to nail down a definitive definition. AI is becoming part of nearly every aspect of our lives, from ecommerce websites and search engines to unlocking your phone.

Your websites and apps can leverage APIs to tap directly into the power of AI. Without having to 'train' AI agents, you can take advantage of massive quantities of data already analysed. Google, Amazon, IBM and many others have created endpoints for developers to hook into and start using AI right away.

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Richard Mattka

Richard is an award-winning interactive technologist, designer and developer. He specialises in creating interactive worlds with science-fiction themes, exploring the synergy between human and machine. He has also written regular articles for Net Magazine, and Web Designer Magazine on a range of exciting topics across the world of tech, including artificial intelligence, VFX, 3D and more.