How to use AI prompts in Photoshop and Adobe Firefly for better concept art

Combining Adobe Firefly and Photoshop; how to mix Adobe AI and Photoshop images
(Image credit: Future)

This tutorial focused on how to transform art styles using Photoshop Beta's new generative art tools combined with Adobe's AI, Firefly. As AI becomes ever present it's important to understand how to make it work for you and not become overwhelmed by this new technology.

With the powerful combination of Photoshop Beta's advanced editing tools and Firefly's generative art capabilities, artists can explore new dimensions in transforming their artwork. In this tutorial, I will guide you through the process of leveraging these tools to create captivating art pieces that push the boundaries of style and creativity. (Read my Adobe Firefly explainer for a lowdown on this new AI tool.) 

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Ken Coleman

Ken Coleman lectures in game art and design at Clonmel Digital Campus in Ireland. He also designs for clients such as Catalyst Games and Morbid Angel.